Choosing a Veterinarian in Windsor Ontario

A pet is part of the family; when you have an animal, you are the one that is responsible for their health, and you want to find the perfect veterinarian to support you. You want a veterinarian who will is concerned about your animal as if it were their own, and give it the best possible care and comfort they can. Remember that for an animal, going to the vet is a nerve-wracking event; it is sounds and smells they are not familiar with. They are getting poked and prodded by a strange human. You want a vet that understands that.

You may start with an online search to find a veterinary clinic in your area. Sometimes this is not all that helpful. You can get references from your friends, family, shelters, animal rescues and breeders; they may know of some great clinics that will be passionate about taking care of your pet.

It is important that you and the veterinarian have the same values. You want to make sure you can communicate with them – communication is key! Your pet cannot communicate, and so you are their voice. It is legitimate to ask specific questions about how they do their work: procedures, medications, etc. You want to tell them exactly what you expect and what you need for your pet. You know your pet better than the veterinarian, and if you believe that your pet is abnormally uncomfortable, maybe you need to keep looking around for a better clinic.

Another important key is the staff. The staff at the clinic should be happy to answer your questions and concerns about the clinic. They should also be happy to give you a tour of the clinic; you want to make sure that it is up to your standards, and to your pets standards! You could even ask how long they have worked with animals and their experience; ask if they have any pets, and possible start a conversation about the,. You can tell a lot by just listening to people talk about their own animals. It is very important that the staff, as well as the veterinarians, are gentle in handling your pet, especially if you see yourself bringing your pet here often.

Since your animal is part of the family, you want to know every detail about their medical information. You will want to consider how often you can get updates on your animal. If they are at the vets overnight, or getting surgery, or hospitalized, you have to right to check in with them to make sure your pet is doing well. If they get upset with you checking in, that may not be the right place for you.

Technical equipment is important as well. A good animal clinic should have the ability to send out labs and refer you to specialists in case you need it. You should be confident that they can help with anything that your pet is going through. If your animal needs an x-ray, ultrasound, dental work, blood pressure monitoring, etc., you should be able to rely on them to help you with that. When you are visiting the veterinary clinic, ask questions that will give you these answers.

Something to consider is whether or not the clinic you are looking at is accredited by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, or the¬†Ontario Veterinary¬†Medical¬†Association. If they are, you know that they have been evaluated for the quality of their facility and passion of their staff. If they are not accredited, you should ask why, because you don’t want to send your animal to a clinic that has not been approved! A small thing to consider is the location and hours of the clinic; you want to make sure that they are within the hours you can work around, and close enough that if your animal were to have an emergency, you could take them there without a problem.

If you want to look into a great veterinary clinic in Windsor, ON, you can visit Malden Road Veterinary Hospital. They will take care of your animals in the best way possible. You can search on their website for the services they offer, what you can expect as a new patient, and meet the staff that will be taking excellent care of your pet family!

In this article are just some of the details you should focus on when you are choosing a veterinarian: get references, communicate with your vet, get a feel for the staff and the facility, make sure they have the appropriate equipment and are accredited, and most importantly, make sure that your animal will feel comfortable.

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